How do I remove the bracelet from my wrist properly?

Easy! Simply cuff your wrist with your other hand and slide your bracelet off your wrist slowly. 

How do I care for my bracelets?

The best way to care for your bracelets is to make sure it's off when you take a shower or bath. Keep free of perfumes, lotions and oils. Feel free to store them in a jewelry box, watch box, bracelet bar or the pouch they came with!

Where are DANA MONET beads sourced?

We get all of our beads from all over the world to bring you the best combination of style and benefits. Dana’s motto is have beads will travel!

Why are there variances with the bracelets?

Natural gemstones are beautiful in their imperfection. All of our items are handcrafted and original so no two stones are exactly alike (like us humans!).  We strive to be fair and transparent when describing the quality of our products. Due to the fact that each natural gemstone is unique, it is normal that the stones used in the jewelry pieces you see may vary slightly in color, shape and/or size (we have many friends say that they look way better in person).

Also, keep in mind images on the website may vary slightly in color and/or size due to lighting conditions, tools to take photo with, and/or your device (ipad, android, laptop etc.) used to view. 

I love your bracelets but I’m not big on the metaphysical healing properties, can I still wear them?

Absolutely! You can definitely wear one or stack more on. Try it and if you like how they look on you, it’s already done its job and made you feel good friend!


All of our bracelets are a natural way to enhance your energy, mindset, well-being, and spirituality. Healing crystals should never be used as a substitution for proper medical treatment or to diagnose medical conditions. The information provided, regarding the metaphysical healing properties and/or meanings of crystals, is not intended as healthcare advice or prescription information. Just like with other complementary products and services (for example, exercise and massage), it's important to understand that healing crystals are intended to complement an existing healthcare program, not to replace it. For medical advice, always consult a certified medical professional.


Please note that leather is a natural product from animal hides and therefore differs from hide to hide. Variations in texture of the leather should not be considered a fault but inherent of the natural beauty and uniqueness of the leather.

Although DANA MONET uses natural & semi precious gemstones they may also include some hardware within the design that is not precious metal and could tarnish over time.